Vehicle tracking systems

GPS Tracking Services

GPS tracking system is using in trucks or carrier vehicles mostly. nowadays time is the most important thing to improve the business & with the help of GPS you can save time & money. Suppose your transport not reaching to your place at require time so you can check the exact location

A Car/Cab tracking GPS system will come in useful as it pertains to checking your four-wheeler. This type of tracking comes inconvenience when you or anyone driving your car & couldn’t come back at the given time. Imagine a predicament where your kid is traveling by car and will not get back at the most common time. You come to mind sick but haven’t any choice except to hold back for your son or daughter to receive the decision or upgrade you.

With our Car/Cab GPS Tracking System, We can solve this problem you a solution. With the help of our GPS tracking device for car, allows you can easily keep track of the vehicle at all point to point of the day. Just need to open your mob. App & you can easily track the exact location.

It is only the one-time investment that 100 % guarantees to give you peace of mind. With use, this device in your car, keeping track of your vehicle anytime and anywhere becomes really easy and fast.

Advantage of GPS Tracking Service-

  • Real-Time Tracking at the point to point.
  • Speed Variation Alert.
  • Ignition and AC On/Off Alerts.
  • Vibration Detect.
  • SOS Button(Panic Alerts).
  • Voice Monitoring.
  • Low Battery & Fuel level alerts.
  • Safe Parking Awareness.

We also have ;

Buy GPS Personal Tracking System

rack vehicles is extremely valuable because it will alert you or record if an elderly person is:

* Wandering off or lost in a familiar or unfamiliar location.
* Safe inside or around their home.
* GPS personal tracking systems can provide certainty, safety, and high security that can make the difficult road of memory-loss a little easier and less stressful for everyone involved.

If the elderly or kids feel unwell, he/she can press the Call Button for three seconds to make a calling to the related phone. Track vehicles personal GPS Elderly tracking device transmits SMS by GSM wireless network. Track vehicles is small, elegant and portable. It is an intimate partner for the elderly & kids.