Fix Computer Blue Screen

Many users of Windows facing the problem of blue screen (BSOD- Blue Screen of Death) when the operating system crashes or encounters a critical error which requires a reboot. The error is a result of faulty hardware or low-level software crash. It usually occurs due to the hardware of the system or software of hardware drivers. In this case, the operating system stops working and restarts your system. It can lead to loss of data as the program does not have the option to save the data. When a blue screen arises, the operating system automatically generates a ‘minidump’ file which contains information about the crash and it saves into your hard disk. Users can refer this information to find out the exact reason for the system crash. This information is also stored in Window’s event viewer with other system logs. In Window’s version 7 & 8, BSOD information is showed in the action center as well.

Tips to deal with BSOD

  • Make the system restore.
  • Always scan for malware.
  • Install updated drivers.
  • Reboot your system in safe mode.
  • Reinstall the operating system.

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