Beacon Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing is a way to enhance sales strategies and to establish new information channels.

Send Notifications To Mobile Devices Up To 300 Feet

The field of application, therefore, goes far beyond the retail sector. It is one of the simplest Bluetooth use cases that can be used wherever you want to provide information or calls for action quickly and easily.

  • Time-based content
  • Location-based content
  • Highly effective InApp-Advertising
  • Can be implemented via SDK in an existing app

You can already operate with a very small number of beacons. The management of the content is web-based and also very uncomplicated. The possibilities that Proximity Marketing offers you, on the other hand, are very wide-ranging. They range from simple welcome messages to POI information to calls to action.

Our Nearby solution will deliver results without the need for an app letting you see quick results. Our Proximity solution will enable you to grow a private network to expand your brand.

  • Send in-store coupons or new offers
  • Send info about events and promotions
  • Send daily lunch specials and discounts
  • Send your video or display advertisements
  • Show real estate you have for rent or sale

Our technology stack is making phones smarter, making locations more interactive, even giving ordinary objects a way to communicate information with smartphones or other devices.

We’ve given smartphones extra senses to “see” more of the world around them and know more about their context, opening up an endless set of possibilities for richer, more personalized experiences.